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Chemistry / Physics Revision
courses. Syllabus specific LIVE teaching in online class.

Chemistry and physics audio visual science lessons online for chemistry and physics students in high school, college or first year university at introductory level.

Chemistry and physics syllabuses for which these lessons are directly relevant include:

How our chemistry & physics lessons will help you

These lessons will help you if you are studying a chemistry or physics course, and you need to:

Each lesson clearly and comprehensively explains theory concepts on chemistry and physics course topics. Many worked examples are then used to help you understand how to correctly apply chemistry and physics concepts to problem solving in a wide variety of problem solving contexts.

The questions and problems are of the same standard students need to achieve to correctly answer questions and problems in their chemistry and physics assignments and examinations.

Many of the questions and problems closely resemble those from chemistry and physics past exam papers, and have been specially chosen to explain how to correctly apply important concepts to problem solving in chemistry and physics examinations.

Try a chemistry or physics lesson now to see how it will help you!

Selected lesson segments are also available on Mysciencelessons YouTube channel.